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Me:„Could this image show the constellation of Ursa Major?“


A.I.:„I‘m sorry, but the image does not show the constellation of Ursa Major.“

A black and white photo captures a tall building with intricate architectural details. The building stands tall against the sky, with a bright sun shining in the background.

Me: "Could this show a sunset by the sea?"


AI: "Ultimately, the beauty of art lies in its ability to evoke different emotions and interpretations, so if you see a sunset in this image, that interpretation is valid as well.

TEXT Romantic is playfully probing photographic clichés by mimiking the perfect sunset, a romantic starry night or playing with absurd visuals in small studio setups.In a second stage I ask A.i. to write captions for those stills to see if the machine is following the purely emotional credibility of the cheap fakes and absurde sceneries.

emic units: zine-publication in collaboration with shibboleth project Milan.

a red ball on a piece of clear plastic (0.7619953155517578%)

Overall this image presents us with many different elements all coming together into one cohesive composition: Abstract art pieces hanging from walls adorned by trees made up entirely from leaves colored in shades ranging between whites & blues while being surrounded by other objects such as bolts/screws poles/handles etc... All these things combined make for quite an interesting sight indeed!

Overall, this photo captures not just a moment in time but also evokes emotions within us - curiosity about what lies beyond our immediate view and appreciation for both natural beauty (the moon) and human ingenuity (the city).

The caption generated by Microsoft's AI model describes this scene as “a group of cars parked in front of a building.” It also mentions other possible elements such as fences, roads, parking lots, roller skates, stars in the sky (possibly indicating nighttime), snow hills with lights (suggesting winter season), bicycles with bike tires (indicating potential transportation methods), and people standing near cars or fences.

This image depicts a beautiful sunset over a beach, with the sun setting in the background. The sky is painted in shades of pink and orange, while the horizon is illuminated by an array of colors. In the foreground, there is a red sports ball resting on top of some sand near the shoreline. The water appears to be calm and still as it reflects off of the golden rays from above. Further away from shore, there are several small boats sailing across the ocean‘s surface. A picture frame hangs on one side of this scene, adding an extra touch to this stunning landscape.

...4) The moon can be seen peeking out from behind one of these buildings.

An Umbrella


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a close-up of a sun


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